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Bowl gifts announced; Liberty Bowl deals out watches, headphones, and more

The full list of bowl gifts is out today, and the haul for MSU and Rice from the Liberty Bowl is a pretty good one.

Julian Finney

One of the most confounding parts of each bowl season is the annual giving of the gifts from bowl sponsors to college football players.  You know, because the NCAA will suspend these guys forever if they play in a charity game or summer rec league or something, but yeah bowl gifts from a giant corporation are cool.  I'm not saying the guys shouldn't get the gifts at all; they certainly deserve them.  I guess the NCAA's precarious interpretations of the rules can aide the players in just this one avenue.  Enjoy those gifts boys!

For this year, the gifts range from a gift card for a shopping trip to that specific store to a Tiger Woods Nike Golf beanie. The list, put together annually by Sports Business Daily, is always an interesting read, and this year is no different.  As for our Bulldogs and Liberty Bowl opponent Rice Owls, the haul was as follows:

  • Sol Republic Tracks HD headphones
  • Bulova watch
  • Nike Sunglasses
  • Nike athletic shoes and sandals
  • Nike Kevin Durant backpack
  • football

Not a bad set!  I assume that's a pretty good set of headphones, which appears to be popular with today's youth, and everyone can use a good watch such as the one that Bulova makes.  The same goes for sunglasses, shoes and sandals as well.  A quick google search of the Nike Kevin Durant backpack reveals that it is sadly not a backpack shaped like a life-sized Kevin Durant, and when I googled football, that appears to be, well, just a football.

Enjoy those gifts guys, you earned them!

[via Sports Business Daily]