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MSU Offensive Guard Gabe Jackson to Submit NFL Advisory Paperwork?

The Junior guard from Liberty, Mississippi looks to be submitting NFL Draft paperwork for evaluation.

Marvin Gentry-US PRESSWIRE

Either he's taking the home course teaching him to be David Copperfield in 6 weeks, or MSU Junior offensive guard Gabe Jackson is submitting the necessary paperwork for evaluation by the NFL Draft Advisory Committee.

There's nothing to be alarmed about here however State fans, as many if not all of college football's most talented players submit the paperwork once they are eligible for the draft to see where there stock stacks up.

Johnthan Banks submitted the same paperwork last year around this time, and as you very well know, he decided to come back and play another year in maroon and white.

You may also see Junior's Tyler Russell and Nickoe Whitley submit the same paperwork.

So, what do I think the chances are that Jackson and other Junior Bulldogs leave? I honestly think it's a slim to none chance. Jackson, although talented, would most likely be in the teens in guards available for the draft, and that range usually means the player is coming back for his Senior season. But we don't know the circumstances surrounding Jackson and his decision, and you do not know what the NFL's evaluation paperwork will tell him.

Either way, we certainly would wish Gabe the best of luck. Although I would be lying if I said that I did not want to see him back in maroon and white next fall.

If Jackson decides to return in 2013 and Senior guard Tobias Smith applies for and receives his NCAA Medical Hardship Waiver as is expected, State will return its entire starting offensive line in 2013 to protect (hopefully) returning QB Tyler Russell.