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State to Commemorate "Snow Bowl" vs. Texas A&M this fall

State plans to commemorate the 2000 Independence Bowl with special uniforms when the Bulldogs take on the Texas A&M Aggies this fall in the two schools' first matchup since that night 12 years ago

This fall Texas A&M joins the Southeastern Conference, and in their first full season as members, the Aggies will travel to many new towns. The first sport they will compete in will be football, and that includes a November 3rd date in Starkville against our Bulldogs.

The last time the two schools met was in the 2000 Independence Bowl. You may remember that game as the famous "Snow Bowl," a game played in the white out of a Shreveport blizzard, and a game that the Bulldogs won 43-41 in OT in thrilling fashion.

The University announced that at this fall's November 3rd game between the two teams, the school will commemorate the Snow Bowl game, as former Coach Jackie Wayne Sherrill and former players will be recognized during the game. The official statement from the school was as follows (via

For the Nov. 3 contest against Texas A&M, the first time ever the two teams will play at Mississippi State, the Bulldogs will wear special white uniforms to commemorate the last meeting between the two Land Grant institutions. In December 2000, Mississippi State won a 43-41 overtime battle in what became widely known as the "Snow Bowl," and head coach Jackie Sherrill and members of the 2000 team will be recognized at the game.

The release also says that State will wear special white uniforms for the game. We will be sure to keep an eye out for any picture leaks of these leading up to the game.

No word yet on if State will also paint the entire field white to truly relive that December 2000 game.

2000 - Texas A&M vs MSU- the Snow Bowl (via IndyBowlMedia)

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