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Mississippi State Unveils Uniforms For "Snow Bowl" Rematch, 2012 Egg Bowl

State today reveals specialized Adidas uniforms for games against Texas A&M and Ole Miss later this season. Check them out right here

Earlier in the year State teased, through one of its weekly general updates, that they would feature special commemorative jerseys for this season's November 3 matchup with Texas A&M. The Dogs and Aggies, as you may remember, faced off in what would turn out to be a memorable battle in the 2000 Independence Bowl - a game which State won in overtime 43-41. This fall's meeting marks the first time State and Texas A&M have met since that night in Shreveport 12 years ago, and the school wanted to do something special to commemorate it.

The Snow Bowl Jerseys mirror much of the new uniforms except for the oversized Bully logo on the helmet (much like Boise State's uniforms against Georgia in 2011), as well as the M-State logo on the back of the helmet. I would imagine a lot of people will deem the oversized Bully to look arena football-ish, but I like it. I mean it's one game, it's not a season long deal for those of you who don't care for it.

Also today State unveiled the uniforms for the 2012 Egg Bowl game. This year's design incorporates last year's gold designs mixed with the updated general uniforms. The biggest difference will be the lack of the shoulder banner stripe, and the Matte helmets will be included with special gold trim. Pretty sharp looking if you ask me.

What do you guys and girls think?

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