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Scott Stricklin, Dan Mullen discuss Snow Bowl and Egg Bowl Jerseys

Scott Stricklin takes a few minutes to describe the thought process behind the concepts for both the "Snow Bowl" rematch game and the 2012 Egg Bowl, and Dan Mullen shares his thoughts on the new threads.

A few highlights from their chats:

  • Scott Stricklin says the "Snow Bowl" (as it has been dubbed) uniform has actually been a concept the school and adidas were working on even before Texas A&M joined the SEC West, making the rematch inevitable. He said the two had been working on the concept of a "sharp, clean white jersey" combo for around 2 years.
    Stricklin said for him some of the inspiration came from "an old George Gervin poster". He's talking about this one, I think?
  • Really cool that Stricklin acknowledged the helmet design was inspired by Rocky Vaughan (aka ChillBillyDawg)'s design. Rocky has done some really great uniform concepts, so it's nice to see the school recognize his work.
  • Stricklin said once they figured out that A&M would visit Starkville this season they began preparations to finalize the jersey (with Rocky's helmet idea) for the game on November 3rd.
  • Will there be actual snow involved in the field's preparation for the game? Not exactly, said Stricklin, but you can "expect something a bit different for the team's entrance."
  • When asked about his thoughts on the uniforms, Mullen had this to say:

Anytime our players thinks stuff is cool, I'm into it. My concern is our guys play hard, and I think when they think they look good, they feel good, then they play good

  • Mullen said he believes it may give a bit of a recruiting advantage, as recruits think the jerseys look cool then it gives them extra incentive to come to MSU, knowing the school is innovative in their uniform design and in general with the football program.
  • There is also some time with Adidas rep Derek Stucker, who discusses further the ideas and thoughts behind the unis.