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Mississippi State to Wear Gold Helmets in Egg Bowl

After looking to wear all maroon with gold lettering in the Battle for the Golden Egg, it looks like Mississippi State will wear gold helmets Thursday night.

Stacy Revere

In one of those things that some people really get into and others really could not care less about, it appears that Mississippi State has decided to break out gold helmets when the Bulldogs match up with the Ole Miss Rebels Thursday night.

Earlier this week, it looked like Mississippi State would wear all Maroon with some gold sprinkled in after a tweet about their jerseys:

But then, Matt Wyatt showed a different looking helmet:

John Talty from the Clarion-Ledger confirmed the news:

They seem popular with recruits and their spokesman, Elijah Staley:

There you have it...Maroon, White...and Gold