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MSU's History in Omaha

Mississippi State will make their 9th appearance in the College World Series starting Saturday at 2:00 vs. Oregon State

Christian Petersen

Omaha. O.M.A.H.A. Omaha!

The Bulldogs are back in the College World Series for the first time since 2007. It's great to be back and in the thick of a national championship chase. But before we get started, I'd like to take a look back at our history in this great event.

Some nuggets from wistoncountysfinest and justinrsutton:

  • MSU is 15th all time in CWS appearances with nine. They have the 5th most appearances without a title - fellow Omaha participant North Carolina is tied for 4th with ten.
  • MSU has been to the CWS the 3rd most of any SEC school (LSU and South Carolina).
  • Only SEC team to make the CWS in each of the last five decades and one of only five in the country (FSU, Clemson, Arizona State, Texas).
  • Bonus 2013 nugget: MSU is 25-0 vs. non-SEC teams not named Central Arkansas (28-3 overall).

Here are the results for State in Omaha:

1971 W/L Opponent Score
Game 1 L Tulsa 5-2
Game 2 L BYU 3-1

1979 W/L Opponent Score
Game 1 W Cal State Fullerton* 6-1
Game 2 L Texas 8-2
Game 3 L Pepperdine 5-4

1981 W/L Opponent Score
Game 1 W Michigan 4-0
Game 2 L Arizona State* 4-3
Game 3 L South Carolina 6-5

1985 W/L Opponent Score
Game 1 W Oklahoma State 12-3
Game 2 W Arkansas 5-4
Game 3 L Texas 12-7
Game 4 L Miami (FL)* 6-5

1990 W/L Opponent Score
Game 1 L Georgia* 3-0
Game 2 W Georgia Southern 15-1
Game 3 L Stanford 6-1

1997 W/L Opponent Score
Game 1 L Alabama 3-2
Game 2 W UCLA 7-5
Game 3 L Alabama 9-5

1998 W/L Opponent Score
Game 1 W Florida 14-13
Game 2 L LSU 10-8
Game 3 L Southern Cal* 7-1

2007 W/L Opponent Score
Game 1 L North Carolina 8-5
Game 2 L Louisville 12-4

*indicates team that went on to win the national championship.

  • Overall, State is 7-16 in Omaha. The most success has occurred in the first game, going 4-4.
  • MSU has played the eventual national champions in five of its eight trips, going 1-4 against them (Cal State Fullerton in '79).
  • John Cohen will be the 4th different coach to take MSU to the CWS. Paul Gregory (1), Pat McMahon (1) and Ron Polk (6) are the others.
  • Mississippi State's greatest team ever, 1985, also did the best in Ohama going 2-2. They might have made the championship except the format was a little different which prevented them from playing a team twice if it could be helped, so Miami (the eventual champs) was the opponent in the elimination game rather than Arkansas who MSU had already beaten.