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VINE: Mississippi State's Will Cox takes BP... kinda

Batting practice is necessary, even for some MSU pitchers.

Photo via
Photo via

Sophomore pitcher Will Cox (3-1, 2.51 ERA) showed us this morning he's getting mental ready and physically prepared for Saturday's game against Oregon State at the College World Series in Omaha by... swinging a bat? Yes. But he doesn't swing it normal. Take a look:

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Neat, huh? I've seen a high school kid do this in person but it's dang near impossible to achieve when trying for the first time.

Check out this video. It made its rounds virally a few years back:

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Pretty cool to see the Amory High School native as well as MSU baseball still playing midway through June. This weekend will be a special time for the entire team, fan base, and upcoming MSU recruits. Live it up, guys.