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Learning About Oregon State Baseball

Oregon State - now that's a team we don't play too often, as in never. So let's learn about them.

First thing's first - how about that logo? Look's EXACTLY like Hugh Freeze.

Oregon State has been on a tear in recent years. They didn't make a Regional from 1986-2004, but in '05 they went to the College World Series, and in '06 & '07 they won it all. (On every page of their media guide they tell you this). This is their first trip back to Omaha since that '07 team but they've made a Regional every since since with the exception of 2008.

Oregon State's stats can be found HERE. I'm not going to try to tell you who is good and who isn't by looking at that, I haven't seen them play but for one half of a game vs. Kansas State. I'm planning to do a Q&A with Building the Dam later this week so that will give us the need to know info.

Their head coach is Pat Casey, who is in his 19th year. Jack Riley was their other big time coach - he was there 1973-1994 and took them to back-to-back-to-back Regionals in the mid 1980s. I'm not sure if he has any relation to their current football coach, Mike Riley.

That's about all I've got. Really, I just wanted y'all to see that Beaver's resemblance to Hugh Freeze.