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Omaha, NE: Mississippi State faithful and their experiences

Couldn't make it to Omaha last week or this week? That's typically the case for many fans every season.

Special thanks to FWtCT's @robmcdougald
Special thanks to FWtCT's @robmcdougald


  • Ticket(s)
  • Gas money or airfare
  • Hotel room
  • Vacation days from work
  • Babysitter for kids and/or sitter for your pets
  • Expenses in Omaha (food, souvenirs, etc.)
Yep. It varies from fan to fan but traveling can be difficult for most. The lucky ones that do get to go, experience things they remember for a lifetime.

Let's take a look at a few recent memories made:

Kyle Britt, Petal

I just got in after a long 1,000 mile 15 hour drive from Petal, MS to Omaha, Nebraska and had one of the greatest sports experiences of my life. Me and two longtime friends, Layne and Alan Moreton met up in Memphis last Friday and left Memphis around noon. We made it to Omaha around 10PM that night.

Saturday we headed to TD Ameritrade stadium and tailgated with some friends we knew from the left field lounge where we watch home MSU games. The tailgate atmosphere there on Saturday rivaled a gameday atmosphere for a college football game. Lots of good food and cold drinks. We decided to walk around and met fans from all across the country from California to Virginia and everywhere in between. The best thing about it was that most of those fans have been coming for years to Omaha and were extremely friendly and hospitable.

After tailgating for a few hours we were ready for our game against Oregon St. The atmosphere entering the stadium was electric as almost every Mississippi State fan we passed greeted us with a "Hail State!" or "Go Dawgs!" We had seats with MSU fans around us and were as loud as we could be throughout the game. When Wes Rea got the game winning hit, me and my friends stood up cheering as loud as we could. We would all later admit we got a little light headed from the euphoria of such a big time clutch play late in the game. We also all felt our stomachs drop when the Oregon State batter almost hit a homer off Holder in the 9th. Luckily Hunter Renfroe ran it down and caught it.

Sunday we met a lot of locals tailgating, and I must admit the folks from Nebraska and Iowa were extremely hospitable. There were so many schools represented in the parking lot tailgates. From Minnesota to Clemson, and Oklahoma State to Florida State.

Monday was a night game and because of the time of the year and where Nebraska is located, the sun was out until almost 9pm. Our game with Indiana was another thriller with Trey Porter being the hero giving us the most clutch hit of his career. The 9th was another adventure, but we lived to see another day.

My overall experience in Omaha was amazing! Great tailgating, great city, great environment at the ballpark, and great games (with bulldog wins). The drive was long, but it was well worth it and I'll definitely be back...possibly sooner than later if we make the finals.

Alan Moreton, Canton

We got up there Friday afternoon and played the first game on Saturday. Our left field lounge friend Paul Maloney had a great tailgate set up in parking lot D, which is outside the outfield wall. We quickly made friends with the locals, a lot like football tailgating. There were people literally from all over America, in fact, there's a group from Minnesota that are coming for Super Bulldog Weekend next year. Being one thing on my bucket list, it was all I could imagine and more. The fact that I saw the Dogs win on the big stage made it all the sweeter. TD Ameritrade Park is more beautiful in person than on TV. If I could give any adviCe to someone planning on making the trip, it would be to line up your tickets before you go. I actually saw LSU fans in the general admission line at noon for the 7 p.m. ballgame. The only regret I have is not going in '07 and seeing Rosenblatt. Everyone you meet tailgating has at least one story about the old ballpark on the hill.

Brenda Kemp, Pontotoc

First of all I never dreamed I would get this opportunity to travel to the College World Series! This was one of the things on my bucket list! I am 70 yrs old so it is time to be fulfilling some of those things on that list. My husband had told me it was not on his list! I got a call from my youngest brother after the last game in Virginia and he said let's go to Omaha. I immediately said yes. You see, I have been an MSU fan ever since I was a little girl even though I didn't set foot on that campus until after I was married. My first chance came when my husband's dad took me to an MSU-Ole Miss game. Understandably, I was hooked on all MSU sports.

My point is this, it was a really big deal to make this trip! The people were awesome there. The best thing about the trip to me other than winning was how people are reacting to our team . The other fans are amazed at how approachable our players are. That makes me extremely proud of our boys from MSU! The next best thing for this old lady is I found out from all over the country I was seen on ESPN! I got out of the game Monday night and the face of my phone was completely filled up with missed calls and texts! I thought there was a great emergency at home! That is when I knew I had made the national TV network!

I do plan on returning if we make the finals, even though that might be almost more than this old heart could stand!

Jealous? Us too.