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Proud to Be Part of SEC Dominance

The SEC has now made it to SIX straight championship series in Omaha


SEC dominance isn't quite the same in baseball as it is in football, but it's close. Now Mississippi State can join in on the fun of consecutive championship series appearances by the SEC in Omaha.

Six years and five different teams have made it.

2008 - Georgia (lost to Fresno State)

2009 - LSU (beat Texas)

2010 - South Carolina (beat UCLA)

2011 - South Carolina beat Florida

2012 - South Carolina (lost to Arizona)

2013 - Mississippi State vs. UCLA

This will be the third time over these six years a SEC team has faced a team from California. It is also the third time the SEC will face the PAC 10/12. So far in this College World Series, the Bulldogs have done pretty well vs. that conference.