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OPEN THREAD: College World Series Finals - Game 1, Mississippi State vs. UCLA

Unreal. The Bulldogs (51-18) and the Bruins (47-17) tangle for college baseball's most coveted possession: a national title.


This is it.

First things first... want to know more about this scrappy, ultra-talented UCLA team? Check out MBD's article from yesterday. His knowledge of our opponent will astound you.

Sophomore RHP Trevor Fitts (0-0, 2.86) will get the call tonight for MSU. Look for Mississippi State's bullpen to continue to be dominate.

UCLA will be tough to hit but if State gets out early on them with a few runs this game could get comfortable.

IMPORTANT: This is ONLY Game 1. ONE GAME AT A TIME, PEOPLE. Nothing is set in stone yet. Be positive but realistic. With that being said, enjoy it and soak all these emotions in the next two, or three, nights.

Let's do it for that long-remembered 1985 MSU squad.