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OPEN THREAD: College World Series Finals - Game 2, UCLA vs. Mississippi State

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Every dog has its day... but they didn't have it yesterday.

Stephen Dunn

Bulldog backs are against the wall. Time to force a deciding Game 3 against UCLA.

But first, Game 2 must be won. State did not get timely hits last night.

All isn't lost, people.

Girodo had a fairly decent outing yesterday, and Frazier, Renfroe, and Rea are due big hits tonight.

Just like last night, pitching will definitely set the pace for a team's offense.

FYI: After leaving TD Ameritrade last night, lots of MSU fans were very positive. They are so eager to cheer for a rally or even a lead. Nothing will be held back, and you better believe everything will be left on that field tonight.