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MBD's Keys to Victory in Game 2

Here are a few things I think we need to accomplish to win the game tonight


  1. Get an early lead, just one run in the first two innings will do the trick.
  2. Do not walk or HBP their leadoff hitter of the inning.
  3. Attack the stike zone - do not nibble as much as Game 1.
  4. Make the umpire call the letter-high strike before swinging at it.
  5. Stay within yourself on defense - do not make off balance throws unless absolutely necessary.
I would be tempted to start Sam Frost at 3B. He has a couple of base hits in the CWS and plenty of mobility at third. The defense needs to be perfect, and maybe even make some not so routine plays.

I've gone back and forth, should we start Graveman or Pollorena. It seems like most State fans want Graveman - backs against the wall, go with the best. I would kind of rather see Pollo because I don't know how effective Graveman will be on short rest, but he is a sinker-ball pitcher so it will probably work out, and he only threw 74 pitches on Friday. If Kendal and Ross can get through this game with a win we I think we've got plenty of arms for Game 3. The magic number is 2. If we give up any more than that it will be hard to win, but we've got a great shot to win if that's all we give up. Only give up one run I'd say there's a 95% chance we win.

Since the College World Series went to the best of three format in 2003, the team that loses Game 1 is 4-6 in Game 2. They have gone on to win the series twice (2006 Oregon State, 2008 Fresno State).

It's not impossible. It can happen. Keep the faith Bulldog Nation.