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2013 MSU Position Preview: Tight End

For a position that typically only has one player on the field at a time, State sure has a lot of them

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

Mississippi State might have the deepest roaster of tight ends in the SEC. TE coach Scott Sallach moves into an administrative role and Tim Brewster takes over Scott Sallach has six scholarship tight ends on the roster.

1. Malcolm Johnson (Jr.) - not to take anything away from 'MoJo', but for someone with limited playing time during his career he is a really hyped player. But he really hasn't done anything to not deserve that hype, averaging over 17 yards per catch last year after his torn pectoral muscle forced him to miss the first half of games. He has battled some injury during fall practice but is expected to be ready by Aug. 31st.

2. Brandon HIll (Jr.) - I think HIll gets lost in the shuffle some - certainly last year under Marcus Green and MoJo. He's a solid blocker and has pretty good hands as well.

3. Rufus Warren (So.) - got on the field a little bit in '12 but did not record a catch.

4. Christian Holmes (Jr.) - the "turtle". He is making the transition from linebacker where he had 29 career tackles.

5. Artimus Samuel (Fr.) - true frosh after going to Hargrave for a year. He will in all likelihood redshirt.

6. Gus Walley (RFr.) - he is last on the depth chart only because he is out for the year having to undergo "Tommy John's" surgery.

With so many tight ends, and some pretty talented guys, might we see some double TE sets this year? We know this position is important in Dan Mullen's offense, even from a receiving standpoint. Marcus Green and Malcolm Johnson combined for 8 touchdown catches last year.