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Oklahoma State O-Lineman Calls Out MSU Defensive Line

Take note Autry, Eulls, P.J. Jones, Smith, Evans, Adams, Jefferson, C. Jones, Brown, Dale, Harris, Virges, James and all other big guys up front..


Oklahoma State players were asked about playing Mississippi State, an SEC foe to start the year. Their RG, Parker Graham, who is the only returning member of the O-line to start all 13 games in 2012 had this to say:

You know, I just think that the SEC is blown a little bit out of proportion. There's a lot of great players down there and it's a heavily recruited area, but at the same time we play really fast offense here and sometimes those SEC defenses lose their breath against it. They have big guys but they aren't very well conditioned. We're gonna play our best ball and see what happens.

Sic 'em Dawgs.