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Top Plays in MSU History: No. 2, MSU Stops Alabama in 1980

In a game that many feel is the greatest victory in Mississippi State history, the Bulldogs forced a fumble near the goal line to stop Alabama from scoring a game winning touchdown, and later, recovered another fumble to preserve the win.

There is not a single Mississippi State fans that has not heard about the Bulldogs' victory over Alabama in 1980. Everyone knows what was going on at the time. Alabama was closing in on a third straight national title. The Crimson Tide was closing in on the 30-consecutive win mark and building a true dynasty in college football.

That all came to a halt when the Tide made the trip to Jackson.

To the shock of many, Mississippi State had found a way to take a 6-3 lead into the closing minutes of the contest. However, it looked like order was about to be restored as the Tide moved the ball down the field with under two minutes to play, and with just seconds left to play, Alabama had the ball inside the five yard line. It looked like it was going to be yet another heartbreaking loss for Mississippi State.

That is when it happened. The ball came loose, and Mississippi State recovered it to seal the win.