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Jameon Lewis throwback pass to Dak Prescott for a touchdown [.GIF]

Here's your .GIF for Jameon Lewis' throwback touchdown pass to Dak Prescott in last night's 62-7 thrashing of Troy.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

When you see Jameon Lewis take off up the field at a lightning-fast speed like every other talented slot receiver you've seen recently, it can be easy to forget that he was once a quarterback.

Lewis, who hails from Tylertown, Mississippi, was recruited by most teams at the college level as an athlete (he had 1,182 yards rushing and 18 touchdowns as a senior), but he also does possess the ability to throw the ball as well (1,161 yards passing and 13 touchdowns as a senior).  Lewis hasn't gotten much of a chance to show off the latter in his time at MSU, but last night against Troy, he got that chance, and took advantage of it.

With 14 minutes left in the second quarter and MSU leading just 10-7, Lewis caught a pass from Prescott behind the line of scrimmage, faked as if he would throw the ball down field, and then turned back to Prescott, throwing the ball back to his QB.  By that time, Prescott had a wall of blockers, and nothing between him and the endzone but open space.  The visual of this play was quite pretty:

Lewis-Prescott Throwback TD

Should Jameon challenge Prescott for starting time at QB?  I don't think so.  But it is nice to know that when a trick play is needed, Lewis and his 732.4 passer rating are waiting to be utilized.