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Local PD sets over/under at 20 DUIs, 135 public drunkenness arrests for LSU game weekend

It's safe to say that the local police department is expecting a productive weekend when Tiger fans come to town this weekend.'s Steven Godfrey (@38Godfrey)

With LSU coming to town this weekend -- a fanbase that is known around college football to travel big and party bigger -- the Local PD has released some impressive numbers for its initial odds on weekend arrests for this upcoming weekend.

According to ArrestBetOnline, the local police department has set the over/under for DUIs for the weekend at 20, and arrests for public drunkenness at 135.

"With our experience with LSU fans in previous years coupled with their team coming off a tough loss, we felt like we should expect a big output this weekend," a source within the Local PD told For Whom the Cowbell Tolls. "Even though we set the numbers high, we still feel like we could almost double them, maybe even near the record of arrests set back in 2007."

Other lines of note for this weekend include GUI (Gumbo-making Under the Influence) at 6, public exposure at 42, and blatant abuse of an animal at ALL.

[UPDATE: 10 minutes later] Since the odds opened, betting has pushed the over/under for public drunk to nearly 180 arrests. It seems that bettors are familiar with Bayou Bengal fans.