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Opening Odds: LSU opens as 9.5 point favorite over Mississippi State

The Tigers open as just under a touchdown and a field goal favorite in the SEC showdown set for Starkville Saturday night.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

LSU (3-1) has opened as a 9.5 point favorite over Mississippi State (2-2) for this weekend's SEC showdown in Starkville, according to the sports betting website


This is about the line that I expected for this game at the opening.  Mississippi State at home pulls the line just under two touchdowns, but LSU's dominance in the series coupled with the Tigers strong start (yes, even with their loss yesterday) keeps the line between one and two touchdowns.

There is still a question about who will start for MSU at quarterback this weekend, but I don't expect that to push the line much one way or the other.  My guess is that the line will stay right where it is if not close to the original 9.5, but frankly my guess isn't worth much.