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Opening Odds: Auburn opens as a 7 point favorite over Mississippi State

After MSU's 51-7 win over Alcorn State and Auburn's 38-9 victory over Arkansas State, the Tigers open as a 7 point favorite for next Saturday's SEC opener for both teams.

Kevin C. Cox

Auburn has opened as a 7 point favorite for next Saturday's SEC opener between the Tigers and Mississippi State, according to betting site

Auburn Odds

This line is right around where I expected it to be, as the teams seemed fairly evenly matched at this point in the season, with the slight betting edge going to Auburn for being the home team.

Vegas Insider notes that the status of MSU starting QB Tyler Russell is unknown, and frankly that could sway the line one way or the other as we know more about his availability for Saturday.  Even if Prescott is a legitimate threat to start right now, betters are sure to see a sophomore starting on the road for a senior in a tough environment, and push this line a bit higher.

We'll watch it as the week progresses.