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Quick Thoughts: No. 3 Mississippi State 38, No. 2 Auburn 23

Trying to come up with a few quick thoughts about Mississippi State's win over Auburn Saturday.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State state accomplished something that had only happened a handful of times in college football history as they knocked off the No. 2 Auburn Tigers 38-23 Saturday in Starkville to win their third straight game over a top-ten foe. There is absolutely no way to describe what happened for Mississippi State fans in that game, but I am crazy jealous of those who made it into the stadium for the game.

1) There could not have been a better opening to the game for Mississippi State.  They managed to force Auburn into turnovers on their first two plays of the game, and they answered with touchdowns.  That start gave Mississippi State the breathing room they would need when the game tightened up later.

2) Dak Prescott did not always look sharp in the contest, but he managed to get the job done when it counted. At the end of the day, MSU fans have to feel pretty good about him going for 200-100 and three total TDs in the contest, making him the all-time touchdowns responsible leader at Mississippi State.  To call him a special player is an understatement.

3) The Mississippi State defense deserves all sorts of praise for this game.  They were put in pretty tough positions throughout the game, and more times than not, they answered the bell.  They forced clutch turnovers all through the game, and they made Auburn work all of their touchdowns.  Sobes...I know you are special teams, but thanks for the FG.

4)What an awesome sounding atmosphere at Davis Wade Stadium today. The place looked great on ESPN's College GameDay.  The crowd sounded amazing all throughout the game.  Well done by everyone in attendance at the game.

5) Poll watching should be fun tomorrow.  Florida State has not looked extremely dominant this season, and the Bulldogs just dispatched of the No. 2 team in the country by pretty much the same margin as the Seminoles knocked off Syracuse. I don't think Mississippi State will move up to No. 1, but they will be close.

BONUS: I never had much of an issue with the fake punt play.  That was a chance for the dagger, and MSU went for it.  I like it.  In the long run, it may have slowed momentum, but it did not make a huge impact on the scoreboard.