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Who Will ESPN Select as Celebrity Guest Picker on College GameDay at Mississippi State

One of the most exciting things about ESPN College GameDay are the celebrity guest pickers. Who will ESPN bring up on the set when the show comes to Starkville for Mississippi State vs. Auburn?

Who should these folks see on the set of College GameDay?
Who should these folks see on the set of College GameDay?

Not long after ESPN announced that College Gameday was on its way to Starkville, folks started guessing and campaigning for different people to serve as the celebrity guest picker before the Mississippi State-Auburn matchup.  While we all sit on pins and needles waiting, there is no reason to not speculate on whom might be selected.

Facebook and twitter are wonderful thing, especially when seeking an opinion of a group of people, and I used it to ask whom Bulldog fans want as the celebrity guest picker.  As you can imagine, the answers were quite varied.

Some folks preferred athletes with ties to Mississippi State.  That led people to mention names such as Will Clark, Eric Moulds, Anthony Dixon, Fred Smoot and Buck Showalter.  Others suggested athletes from Mississippi, even if they had loose or no ties to Mississippi State.  Jerry Rice led the way in people who felt this way, but others such as "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase made this list along with Brett Favre.

Entertainers also had a strong following in this list with names such as Oprah, Faith Hill and Morgan Freeman being tossed about. Christopher Walken had his named mentioned by many, many Facebook and Twitter users, and quite a few wanted Mississippi State graduate John Grisham.

However, one person has jumped out to a tremendous lead over others, and that is Will Ferrell.  In fact, there is now a Facebook group dedicated to bringing him to College GameDay. As you can imagine, much of this desire stems from his association with cowbells.

Who will ESPN pick?  Who knows.  However, you had the choice, who would you take?