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Mississippi State releases uniforms for 2014 Egg Bowl

After being leaked last week, Adidas today officially unveiled MSU's uniforms for the 2014 Egg Bowl.


After being leaked last week on Twitter, Adidas officially unveiled today the Mississippi State uniforms for the 2014 Egg Bowl.  The release comes three weeks before the biggest Egg Bowl in years (maybe ever?), and in a week where MSU faces its lightest opponent in weeks in UT-Martin.

In the past, I've been a pretty big supporter of the alternate uniforms Adidas has put out for State, even when many others weren't big fans.  But now -- now that I've been spoiled by a more classic, clean look in what Adidas produced for MSU's season opener and subsequently the rest of the season -- the novelty has worn off for me.  With State winning more this year, people (myself included) are likely to care less about an alternate jersey one way or the other.  For me, this one doesn't move the needle either, as the design is largely things we've seen in previously iterations (gold inlays, gold state emblem on neck, gold in helmet, etc.).

While I do have an appreciation for how long development takes, I am still disappointed that we're getting these and not a simple road version of the popular "100-year" unis.  These unis have likely been in development since before the season though, so it's ultimately what we've ended up with.

With much more on the line this season, all I care about is the result on the field for this year's Egg Bowl, not what the team is wearing.  If the players like them and recruits like them then hey, I'm all for the new threads.

So what do you guys and gals think?  Do you like them?  Hate them?  Even care?  Is this thing on? Bueller?