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Anthony Dixon scores 60 yard touchdown in Mississippi State's spring game

You may be surprised, but this is actually the second year in a row that Boobie has scored after suddenly appearing from the sidelines.

I'm not saying Boobie Dixon is the unofficial mayor of Starkville even this long after he moved on the NFL, but if he ran tomorrow he'd probably get elected by a landslide.

Dixon comes back to Starkville as much as his work schedule allows, and fortunately for MSU fans, that included this weekend's Super Bulldog Weekend and its festivities. We've seen pictures popping up everywhere of Boobie signing autographs and posing with every fan who asks; there's a reason why he's a fan favorite in Starkville, and it's not just because he's one of the most quotable State players of all-time. And as if we MSU fans needed another reason to love #24, well we've got one anyways.

During MSU's spring game today at Davis Wade Stadium, Dixon snuck off the sidelines during the middle of the game and caught a 60 yard touchdown pass from MSU QB Damian Williams. Was it his wheels that got him so open? Sure, it could have been. But my money is on the fact that he snuck on the field about 30 yards behind the play, ha.

Never change, Boobie. And keep coming back to Starkville, your home away from home.

Hail State

P.S: Big kudos to the MSU football staff for getting this on tape and sharing it with us