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MSU teases football uniform updates for release on Thursday

It looks like Mississippi State and Adidas will reveal some variation of an update to the MSU football uniforms this upcoming Thursday.

What changes could be in store for MSU's uniforms this year? We may find out Thursday
What changes could be in store for MSU's uniforms this year? We may find out Thursday
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bulldog Weekend is usually a fun time in Starkville as fans come together for a weekend of music, arts, spring sports, and a morsel of football before the long, arduous summer sets in.  With the weekend, and the week leading up to it, involving so many different activities across the campus and town, it makes sense that this week would also be a great time to roll out any announcements the school may have, no matter how big or small.

It looks like State will take that opportunity this week to unveil some changes to its football uniforms, at least that's what this teaser from the official football Twitter account leads us to believe:

As teasers typically go, the visuals we're given tell us very little other than the reveal's date - Thursday.  We've seen Adidas and the school do this in recent years in advance of a uniform announcement - last year it was the Egg Bowl uniforms - so it's only logical to deduce that this Tweet and picture are doing the same.

As for what else we CAN make out from the picture itself, it does appear as though the player's number is on the shoulder, which has not been the case in recent iterations of the MSU jersey.  That very well may not be a number on the shoulder, but all we can do until Thursday is speculate.  Additionally, the facemask is white, which is a change from 2013's helmets where the facemask was maroon.

Is the announcement for new every-game uniforms, or is it for a special, one-game uniform like the Egg Bowl the past two years?  With this fall's season marking 100 years of MSU football at Scott Field, I wouldn't be shocked to see either a special uniform for the entire season to commemorate the year, or at least one for the opening game versus Southern Miss.  Oooo, maybe a throwback uni! A uniform honoring the 100 years seems to make the most sense to me, but then again this could be a regular ole uni update.  We won't know either way until Thursday.