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Quick Hits: Six Thoughts on Mississippi State's 35-3 Victory over South Alabama

Mississippi State won big against South Alabama in Mobile. Here are a few thoughts on the game.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

1. It turns out that not substituting Damien Williams for Dak Prescott on every other set of downs is a good offensive strategy. After switiching quarterbacks multiple times in each of the last two games, Dan Mullen decided to keep Dak Prescott in for three whole quarters and that decision resulted in a lot of offense after Dak got in a groove. Hopefully this practice will continue through the killer stretch of SEC games that State has coming up in the next few weeks.

2. Dak Prescott is good at football. Dak led all players in passing and rushing with 201 yards through the air and 139 yards on the ground. He also accounted for two touchdowns. Josh Robinson is proving himself to be invaluable as well. Josh came into the game as the second leading rusher in the SEC and he ran for 77 yards and scored two touchdowns.  If Dak and Josh can continue to produce like they did today, State could win some games they're not supposed to.

3. Preston Smith is the best defensive lineman in the SEC. After winning SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week for two straight weeks, Smith impressed once again. He accounted for a blocked field goal, a forced fumble, and two sacks. SEC teams be warned, Preston Smith is coming for you.

4. State's secondary still needs some work. South Alabama only scored three points but it very easily could have been more. USA had multiple dropped passes that could have produced touchdowns. Past those drops, MSU's secondary got gashed for big yards more than once and gave up 288 yards through the air in total but fortunately didn't give up any TDs. This has to improve or the LSU game could get ugly really fast.

5. Jameon Lewis had yet another touchdown pass and probably has the best QB rating in the history of MSU's football program.