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Community Projections: Mississippi State Bulldogs at Texas A&M Aggies

How will the game play out when the Bulldogs hit the road to face the Aggies?

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Mississippi State travels to College Station Saturday in a contest against Texas A&M that will go a long way in determining if the Bulldogs can recapture the magic of the 2014 season. Fans of of both teams have done some hand wringing recently about their offenses. However, if previous seasons hold true to form, this could be a game with the scoreboard showing over 70 points.

Best Case Scenario: Mississippi State gets it going through the air, but the ground game comes alive as well. The defense bends a little, but the breaking is the defense breaking the lid on turnovers, finally forcing a few. The Bulldogs capitalize on the extra possessions and win 41-31.

Worst Case Scenario: Texas A&M bends and breaks the Mississippi State defense late in the game. The Bulldogs struggle late because the defense has been left on the field too long because the offense struggles to chew up clock. The Aggies make a huge defensive play and win 41-27.

Bold Prediction: Both offenses are going to spring to life, and the total score will be between 85-90 points.