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Dak Prescott Reportedly Attacked in Panama City

MSU's star quarterback and another Bulldog player were attacked at a concert while on spring break in Panama City, FL.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A user on the Elite Dawgs message board first posted that Dak Prescott and another MSU teammate were attacked while at a Waka Floka concert in Panama City, FL. A recent tweet by another MSU player, Jay Hughes seems to give validity to the reports:

According to the post, MSU quarterback Dak Prescott was hit in the head with a bottle and an additional, unidentified MSU player was present for the attack. Another Elite Dawgs user posted this photo of what appears to be Prescott but its authenticity cannot be verified.

Dak Hurt

We will continue updating this page if and when details emerge.


It appears MSU backup QB Damien Williams and DL Torrey Dale were also involved in the attack and Williams confirmed its occurrence.

Also, more pictures emerged of Dak after the attack, via Brooks Roberts at Bulldog Sports Radio:

Dak injuries 1

Dak injuries 2


Dak tweeted that he's alright and ready to get back to Starkville: