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Mississippi State SEC Media Day Tweet Recap

Take a look at the details of MSU's visit to SEC Media Days through the Twitterverse.


MSU's day with the SEC media started off with a bang with coach Dan Mullen announcing he would be wearing special edition Kanye West signature shoes, also known as "Yeezy's." This caused the collective SEC internet to lose its mind:

Then the actual visit to SEC Media Days began:

Things were going pretty normally, then all hell broke loose when coach Mullen was asked about his shoes:

Dan also took time to emphasize how MSU is a perpetual underdog:

Then everyone's favorite MSU beat writer Michael Bonner asked what Dan thinks about the debate over the confederate flag in the state of Mississippi:

And finally, because SEC Media Days is in Hoover, AL, someone asked coach Mullen a final question about Lane Kiffin. LANE KIFFIN.

In addition to coach Mullen, Dak Prescott, Taveze Calhoun, and Ryan Brown spoke and were interviewed at media day:

Hail State.