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Bulldogs Chosen To Finish Last In The West By SEC Media

Of course...

Southeastern Conference media members voted on Thursday for who they think will be the SEC champion and how each division will shake out. The media was not high on MSU, like always. Here are the full lists: (Points are in parentheses)


Auburn (96)

Alabama (80)

Georgia (28)

LSU (9)

Arkansas (3)

Ole Miss (3)

Tennessee (2)

Texas A&M (2)

Florida (1)

Mississippi State (1)


Alabama (1405)

Auburn (1362)

LSU (870)

Arkansas (821)

Ole Miss (732)

Texas A&M (628)

Mississippi State (482)


Georgia (1498)

Tennessee (1231)

Missouri (1196)

South Carolina (830)

Florida (768)

Kentucky (534)

Vanderbilt (243)

You'll notice that Alabama and Georgia were chosen to win the West and East, respectively, and then Auburn was chosen to win the SEC Championship. I'm not exactly sure how that will work but I'll be interested to see.

And the Bulldogs were predicted to finish last in the West. No surprises here. The odds continue to stacked away from MSU, leaving ample opportunity to prove everyone wrong. Last season, MSU was chosen to finish 5th in the West and ended the season in sole 2nd place in the division.

Predictions are just that, predictions. People always doubt MSU during the preseason but we'll see who's still standing when the dust finally settles in December.