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Maroon Weather Forecast - Northwestern State

It's going to be a hot one in Starkvegas...

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

The heat is going to be in full force this weekend in Starkville. Now before we #rememberuab and dozens of people falling ill to heat-related complications, Mississippi State Athletic Director Scott Stricklin has announced the Athletic Department's "heat protocol" for Saturday's game.

Clear water bottles will be allowed to be brought into the stadium by fans. Cooling stations and water fountains will also be available throughout the concourse, and first aid stations will be on the ready! Fans attending should wear loose, light fitting clothing. Going for the white shirt instead of the maroon in the upper level may be a good idea. Keep in mind, that it will feel 10-15° warmer inside the stadium than outside because of the concrete's absorption of heat and the metal's reflectiveness of sunlight and heat conduction. 

Now onto the weather: the sun will be shining throughout the day with not a cloud in sight. There will be a light wind blowing cold air from the north throughout the day, so there will be some relief throughout the game, especially if you're sitting in the student section.

Let's break down the Dawgcast:

Tailgate (7 AM-1 PM) – It will start off sunny and a little muggy with a dew point in the 60s and a temperature in the low 70s. The heat will increase for the tailgate throughout the afternoon and be in the mid-to-upper 80s by 1 PM.

Dawg Walk to Kickoff (1 PM-3 PM) – Sun will still be shining throughout and temperatures will be sitting in the low 90s as fans are waiting for the game to begin. This will be the hottest time of the day.

First Half (3 PM-4:30 PM) – A couple more clouds will be joining the sun but it will still be hot at Davis Wade. Temperatures will be hovering around 90°. Wind will be a tad stronger during the first game with the breeze coming from the north end zone.

Second Half (4:30 PM-6 PM) – Conditions will be the same throughout the second half of game. Temperatures will be starting to decrease as the sun is setting and it should be in the mid-80s as the game is wrapping up in Maroon and White.

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