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Lock of the Week, Week 4

Can the Lock go 3-1?

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Recap of Last Week

Overall, it was a bad week for all of us, with our voters going 1-4.  However, our LSU voters secured victory for us in the Lock of the Week, with LSU receiving 20 votes over Auburn's 1 vote.

My week was much less successful, as we found out why Perry Orth wasn't starting over Conner Mitch and Kentucky was unable to come back late in the game against Florida.

2015 Results

Lock of the Week: 2-1

Myself: 2-3

Overall Votes: 11-10

UCF at South Carolina (USC -14.5)

As bad as South Carolina has been, UCF has actually been bad enough to be facing a spread of this size.  They have lost to FIU and Furman.  For some reason, head coach George O'Leary wants to be the athletic director at UCF.

LSU at Syracuse (LSU -23)

Les Miles is impressed with the law school at Syracuse.

Tennessee at Florida (UT -1)

Florida was originally favored, but a few Gator suspensions swung the line to Tennessee being favored.

Louisiana Monroe at Alabama (UA -38)

Do not expect a repeat of 2007.  However, there hasn't been the talk of Saban's "revenge games" like last week.

Texas A&M vs. Arkansas at Arlington, TX (TAMU -7)

Arkansas's results look terrible because their red zone offense has been terrible.

Vanderbilt at Mississippi (UM -25.5)

If the Rebels come out flat after their win last week, Vanderbilt might be able to cover.

Mississippi State at Auburn (AU -2.5)

Is Auburn's new starter actually better than Jeremy Johnson?  Another important tidbit is that Carl Lawson isn't playing.

Missouri at Kentucky (UK -3)

Russell Hansborough is back for Missouri, but is he healthy?

My Pick

None of these spreads look like a "lock".  Of course, none of them every really are.  I'll go with UK again.  I promise I'm not related to Mark Stoops.