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Tommy Tuberville trying to make amends for 2008 Auburn-Mississippi State with POINTS

Patient Zero from the 3-2 game is now attempting to reverse what he did to college football by dispersing points.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Seven years ago, a game was played in Starkville, Mississippi that changed the college football world forever.  It was Auburn; it was Mississippi State; five total points were scored.  There was but one survivor of the tragedy of that day.  One man made it out of the slaughter of defense and punts and sadness that night.  A meager Tommy Tuberville emerged from the wasteland of Davis Wade, never to return.  He would soon move on from his host location because of the game's effect on his life, and from there forward, he made it his mission to reverse what he had been a part of by spreading points across the land (and leaving a dinner early here and there in between).

Last night's Memphis-Cincinnati game was just the latest effort in Tuberville's redemption tour; a valiant effort to reverse the ugliness that he participated in on that September night in 2008 under the lights of Davis Wade.  Even with his starting QB out, Tuberville sent in his youngest first Lieutenant to spread points all over the field, inoculating the Liberty Bowl from catching the 3-2 contagion.

The effort was strong, even if the end result wasn't what the Pine Box Battalion Leader ultimately wanted.  And we appreciate it, Tommy.  We appreciate points and yards and happiness like last night to help us all recover from what you were a part of in the 3-2 game.