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Hello, Computer. How’s the Internet Today?

Before you get in your obligatory half hour of zoning out at your desk, take a short stroll through some of the MSU-related and maybe-not-so-MSU related miscellany that the internet has to offer.

Hello Computer Croom

MSU Morning Linkage

Dan Mullen had a press conference yesterday- I admittedly only watched about two minutes of it because it made me feel dead inside, much like the rest of this season has done.

We lost to Shaun White- Wait, no, we lost to Sean White. Shaun is a snowboarder. Sean is a quarterback.

Kivon Coman is hurt, and that’s not good- Mississippi State’s injury depleted secondary just got even thinner in depth.

Ken Bone has good tweets- Following up on yesterday’s adventures, the real Ken Bone has become an internet celebrity. He had 7 followers yesterday morning. Now he has well over 60,000 followers. He’s a real Cinderella story, guys.

Now let’s talk about my favorite comments from this weekend

I try to keep up with your comments. It can be difficult at times, but here’s a small collection of comments that stood out to me this weekend. They either entertained me, were incredibly relatable, or made me cry.

From the Game Open Thread:

This one made me chuckle but it also made me cringe and cry on the inside

Me too, CLTBulldog. Me too.

From the postgame press conference:

“BUT, as of right now, it feels not only like Mullen’s reached his ceiling, but that he’s bounced off of it at high velocity like a super ball when you throw it too high.”

I can’t be the only one that imagined Dan Mullen as a super ball bouncing all over the place, can I?

From the Monday Morning Quarterback:

Okay, it isn’t so much the comment itself. I’m kinda meh on the whole Dan Mullen situation right now. I just liked this comment because of the commenter’s name. Middle school humor entertains me when this football team doesn’t.

From the game recap:

While I would like to see either Damian Williams or Nick Tiano get a shot to play again, I do agree with jk_no_kidding on this one. Nick Fitzgerald isn’t the only reason this team is struggling. He isn’t even the only reason the offense is struggling, let alone the defense (HE DOESN’T EVEN PLAY DEFENSE) so changing quarterbacks would only do so much to help.

Tuesday’s Tunes

I introduced y’all to Jamestown Revival a few weeks back. Well, their newest album, “The Education of a Wandering Man,” was finally released. And it is very good. Very, very good. And so, because Mississippi State is having to fly from Mississippi to Utah, I figured this song was appropriate for the occasion.