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Colin Cowherd is all wrong about Dak Prescott

Colin Cowherd thinks it is way too early to make a call on Dak Prescott’s career. His reasoning for thinking so is completely wrong.

NFL: Super Bowl 50-Radio Row Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Colin Cowherd has made a habit of ticking off Mississippi State fans. During the Alabama game in 2014, Cowherd tweeted out this remark which made State fans irate and any who can’t stand the Bulldogs giddy as a school girl.

So when Dak Prescott was doing amazing things in his debut for the Dallas Cowboys, you know people enjoyed bringing that tweet back up and seeing just what Colin Cowherd thought now. But Colin Cowherd doesn’t admit he is wrong. He doubles down on his opinion every chance he gets. So when the game was still going on, it is no surprise Cowherd was very dismissive of what Prescott was doing on the field.

Colin Cowherd can have a decent opinion every now and then. And when he doesn’t try to make himself out to be smarter than everyone else who has ever graced his presence, he can be enjoyable to listen to.

But far too often, he thinks way too highly of himself and makes outrageous statements and never backs down from them. It makes listening to him virtually impossible.

So I knew he would have something to say about Dak Prescott on his show on Monday. He did not disappoint.

Now, I don’t have an issue with what the text on the tweet says. If you want to slow down the Dak Prescott hype train, it’s an easy sell. It was just one preseason game, and it is way too small of a sample size to know what Prescott’s career is going to look like when it is all said and done.

But when you actually watch the video, Cowherd makes a fool of himself. He basically says Prescott shouldn’t be the quarterback the Cowboys build around because he had a DUI in the weeks that led to the Draft and he got in a fight at Spring Break in 2015.


First, let’s address the DUI. Dak Prescott was acquitted of the DUI, and he never should have been charged. But people who still think he was guilty and just got an “athlete’s break” say he never would have apologized if he had been innocent. To which I say hogwash.

The reason he apologized is because he wanted to protect his Draft stock. He knew the trial would not conclude until after the Draft. Proclaiming his innocence to the world would have sent up red flags to GMs which said he wasn’t willing to take responsibility for his actions. The facts of the trial show it was ridiculous of the prosecutor to even go forward with the trial.

Second, Dak Prescott was not in a fight, he was jumped and assaulted. Throughout the video, Dak is getting pummeled, but never fighting back. Dak was attacked because he didn’t give his attackers his autograph during a concert he just wanted to watch.

But Cowherd determined his opinion on Prescott the night against Alabama in 2014. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that was the only time he has ever seen Dak play. He sure hasn’t done his research on Dak and neither has his producer Greg Toohey. Toohey was tweeting about Dak’s supposed DUI on his record.

When it was pointed out Dak doesn’t have a DUI on his record, he continued to show his lack of due diligence.

Nope, the trial took place about three weeks ago. As of when I wrote this, Toohey hasn’t tweeted anything else about the DUI of Dak Prescott.

Cowherd could end up being right about Dak Prescott. Dak might not have a great career. It is too early to make any judgement about him as an NFL quarterback based on one preseason game.

But he’ll never be right by saying Dak Prescott will make a bad quarterback because of supposed character issues. He glanced at a few headlines and just went from there. So he’ll continue to voice his ridiculous opinion. Have fun dying on that hill Colin.