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Expressing Enthusiasm Levels for each Mississippi State Football Game in GIFs

Not all games on the Mississippi State football schedule elicit the same level of excitement, so what better way to show it than GIFs.

Auburn v Mississippi State Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The football season is fast approaching. Everyone is excited and whatnot, but let’s be honest, not every game gets people fired up all the time.

I thought about ranking them or something that basically every other site does. Instead, I decided to go with one of my passions.


Here is my enthusiasm level for every game the Bulldogs will play in 2016 as told in GIF format.

South Alabama

This GIF hits how I feel about this game in two ways. One, it shows how I feel just waiting for the season to start. Two, the game is played really early in the day and could be kind of a snooze fest.

South Carolina

This is how I will feel when the game is over. There is no real reason to believe the Bulldogs will lose. But its early and there are going to be so many new parts to the offense, I’ll just feel a lot better when the Gamecocks get out of town.


This is what is waiting for us with Fournette. Sure, he suffered an ankle sprian, but he’ll probably be fine by the time the Bulldogs come to Baton Rouge.


After we get done with the physical punishment from Fournette, I’m going to want to see the Bulldogs dish out some punishment. So this works.


For some reason, a lot of people think Auburn is going to be better than the Bulldogs. I don’t get it. And despite the fact I think they will have been terrible heading into this game, people will still pick Auburn to beat us. And this will be my reaction.


I think the Bulldogs should be able to beat BYU, but I’m going on the simple fact we’re in the SEC and they aren’t. I don’t really know much about the Cougars, especially now that they have a new head coach. So who knows what to expect.


Mississippi State hasn’t lost to Kentucky since Dan Mullen took over. I don’t anticipate that changing this season.


It’s the Homecoming game. So there’s that.

Texas A&M

Ever since Johnny Manziel left College Station, the Aggies have been awful after the y played Alabama. I want that to happen again.


Things never go well against Alabama for Mississippi State. I’m afraid they won’t this year either.


Under Bret Bielema, football has been quite painful to watch. But then they opened things up last year with an experienced Brandon Allen at quarterback. I think we get more of the painful variety this year.

Ole Miss

The last two Egg Bowls have not been fun. I want the Bulldogs to pound Ole Miss like Boo is pounding Randall. I need this to happen.