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Dudy Noble Field is Getting the Biggest Scoreboard in College Baseball

Mississippi State is about to add a very, very big scoreboard out in the outfield of Dudy Noble Field.

Dudy Noble Field is obviously our favorite place to watch a college baseball game and it’s about to get very easy to watch every aspect of the game in a few short months. The largest scoreboard in college baseball is set to be installed at the Dude before baseball begins for the 2017 season.

The current scoreboard is already pretty big, standing 20 feet tall and 36 feet wide for a total square footage of 720 feet. The new board? Well, it is much, much larger. From the official release:

Measuring 43.2 feet tall and 60 feet wide, the new board will span a total of 2,592 square feet, which is 260 percent larger than the existing board. The current board at Dudy Noble is 20 feet tall and 36 feet wide, covering a total of 720 square feet.

The board going to be the largest in college baseball and would fit right in with Major League Baseball scoreboards:

Provided by Daktronics, the upgrade will give the Diamond Dawgs a digital space that is larger than that of three Major League Baseball clubs (Baltimore, Colorado and Tampa Bay). The new board is also 45 percent larger than the one at Arkansas' Baum Field, home to the current largest video board in college baseball.

Stuff like this is pretty exciting to see. With Davis Wade Stadium having two giant video boards (three if you count the really cool projector on the back of the new one), it’s cool to see what is considered by many to be Mississippi State’s most successful and beloved sports get the giant video board treatment as well. This is certainly a great way to help prepare to build the new Dudy Noble.