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Home Sweet Home

T-Dawg’s Predictions for Week 4

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Kentucky Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Week 4 in the Southeastern Conference brings more uncertainty with COVID-19 postponements.

Most teams seem to flip-flop from week to week, making it almost like episodes of “Jekyll and Hyde.” While the weather is cooling now, the race for each division championship is beginning to heat up. Will anyone survive unscathed? It is both exhilarating and frustrating! Maybe that is why we love SEC football so dang much.

No. 15 Auburn @ South Carolina

Gus and his Tigers escaped the pig traps that had been set for them. You can debate what did and did not happen, but what you cannot debate is what the final, FINAL score was. The bus may not be hitting on all cylinders, but Gus has confidence it will get them to Columbia, South Carolina, and back home to the Waffle House. Besides, if the bus sputters a little bit this weekend, Gus still has Tank Bigsby to bring it home.

The Gamecocks hopped down off the chicken hauler in Nashville last Saturday and discovered the surroundings favorable for roosting. Muschamp didn’t feel like he was basking in the glory of that Athens, Georgia moment a year ago but still, winning another game is something to hold on to, if only for a few days. The Tigers, War Eagles, or whatever are coming to Williams-Brice, and surviving the onslaught they will bring may be too much for Muschamp’s feathered friends.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Auburn 30 - 24

Kentucky @ No. 18 Tennessee

Stoops’ Wildcats didn’t necessarily turn into world-beaters against Mississippi State, but they did just enough to beat their chest over their accomplishment. It was mainly a matter of backing up and waiting for the gifts to come to them. Stoops felt like Christmas had come early with six maroon wrapped presents. Unfortunately, nothing was lasting that Stoops could share with his felines as they ready to storm Rocky Top.

Jeremy Pruitt’s rifleman went to Athens, Georgia on a mission they felt ready to achieve. Instead, they ran into a bunch of rabid dogs that attacked from every blind spot you could imagine making it impossible to mount a lasting defense against them.

General Pruitt called for a full retreat back to Knoxville, Tennessee to regroup before a pending attack. When Stoops sends his Cats against the fortifications at Rocky Top, the outcome will not be favorable. When the sun sinks in the West, “Good Old Rocky Top” will again be echoing through the mountains.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Tennessee 30 - 21

LSU @ No. 10 Florida

Coach “O” felt much better after a weekend in Nashville, so making the unexpected excursion to Columbia, Missouri, didn’t sound any alarms. The Bayou Bengals left Baton Rouge, Louisiana to escape the danger of an incoming hurricane and ran into a bunch of gold Tigers, literally! No matter how hard they tried to outrun Drinkwitz’s Tigers, they couldn’t, finally raising the white flag. Coach “O” is looking for a little R&R in Florida this week after having their tails jerked last week.

The Gators found themselves in shock in College Station, Texas when they looked around and found that the message about attendance limits had not been communicated to the powers that be. “Chucky” Mullen plans to have his swamp monsters in a fit of rage with the aid of flooding the swamp to the same extent as Reveille rounded up every canine from the pound. There is little doubt that the lights will be flashing frantically as these two do battle. What “Chucky” and “Baby O” can’t explain is the evaporation of all defense. Remember, though, felines can’t stand water or The Swamp.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Florida 42 - 28 (postponed?)

Ole Miss @ Arkansas

Kiffin’s fish farm was at full speed when Saban’s Crimson Tide washed into town. The sardine attack threw everything they had at the pachyderms, but no amount of splashing could deter the incoming Tide. The Kiffin-Lebby sardine attack heads to Fayetteville to check out the local piglets this week. If they could swim circles around the Tide, Kiffin isn’t worried about a repeat performance with some uppity, fat Hogs.

Pittman’s Porkers should be glad to be back in their home mud. Running the road for two weeks has made them feel like getting back home would make their tails curl. Just knowing the fish, they love to feed on has been ordered as the welcome home meal has their ears itching in anticipation. Every Oinker has his bib ready to put on before the fish fry commences.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Arkansas 41 - 37

Vanderbilt @ Missouri

Derek Mason’s navy is now officially in dire straits. That doesn’t mean a geographical location like the Strait of Hormuz. The Commodores are in a real tight place and being attacked furiously from every direction they turn. Mason would love to be on the Titanic instead of the Good Ship Lollipop with all the good stuff used up. The Commodores will be walking into Columbia, Missouri Saturday, hoping to find asylum.

Eli’s Tiger Ambush (a name for a large group of Tigers) will be doing just that again this week. Orgeron’s kittens found out the hard way that they had no friends in Missouri. A feast will be laid out for Mason’s cadets, but it will only be to stuff them before becoming the real feast begins. The Commodores will soon feel like they have sailed into the Bermuda Triangle.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Missouri 34 - 20 (postponed to Dec. 12)

No. 3 Georgia @ No. 2 Alabama

Kirby Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs welcomed Jeremy Pruitt’s Volunteers to Athens, Georgia with open arms. Once inside Sanford Stadium, Pruitt found out just how bad he had been fooled when the Dogs grabbed the Volunteers by the leg and began to rip them into shreds. Kirby takes his load of vicious Dogs over to Tuscaloosa to see if they can now put the bite on Nick Saban and company.

The Crimson Tide had all they wanted from Kiffin’s wiggling fish last week. It was a frustrating day because it seemed like Kiffin was calling the defensive plays for Saban. “Big Mac” Jones will be ready to let it all hang out when the lights go on, and it’s a safe bet that Kirby will be Smart enough to use his Dog defense instead of copying the fish swish-cheese defense.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Alabama 28 - 24

No. 11 Texas A&M @ Mississippi State

Jimbo and Reveille had Mullen’s Gators come West to test their skill at making Gator-hide boots. After getting their boots made and polished, the cadets are heading to Stark-Vegas to break in their new boots while marching over the Dawgs. The cadence calls of the brigade commander will tell each cadet when to turn and step into place to fill passing lanes and snare pigskins.

Last week was, without a doubt, near the bottom of any Dawg Nation memory and would like to be forgotten quickly. You can always count on as a pirate because when you were expecting treasure and got nothing but sand, the Sun will still come up tomorrow. Pirates and Dawgs rest and dream of new opportunities and new treasures to seek. Every day brings a new adventure and plunders to gain.

T-Dawg’s Winner: Mississippi State 13 - 7

After drinking the Maroon Kool-Aid at 18 and having it course through my body, filling every tissue and crevice with maroon, I was forever a Dawg. I remember the end of the Bob Tyler tenure and the beginning of the Emory Bellard tenure while I was a student at MSU. There were a few great memories (Sun Bowl, Alabama upset in Jackson, Mississippi) and some lean years as well. Through all the good and evil, it was always, State, Bulldogs, and the Dawg nation.

The love and pride embedded in my bones will still want the best for my beloved State. Saturday night in Lexington, Kentucky was a low, a real low. It is history, though, and we move forward, forward to something better this week or next month or next year, but it will come. My responsibility is to love one of the dearest places in my heart and support her every way I can; she (MSU) deserves that. I hope you will each join me in loving her.

Hail State!