From the Front Lines part 2 & 3

Saturday was a great day for baseball, drinking, women, and bar b que. Not necessarily in that order. Bubba Earl, Flash and the I was hungover in a major way but it was worth the pain to watch two really good games. As on Friday, we flipped a coin to see what team to cheer for in the loser leave town match between the Camels and the Samford Bulldawgs. I won so I picked the Camels. Some idiot was out in the lounge with the rest of us lizards wearing a cowboy hat. They said tv loved him, but Flash said he looked worse than a drugstore cowboy. If you don't get the reference ask somebody older than 50 and they'll tell you. Anyway, the game turned out to be very good. My team won of course. I promised the left fielder a new car if he didn't catch anything hit his way. He didn't. Flash started a conversation with a female about 20 years his junior. We're thinking he might get married soon. Her daddy owns a liquor store and a Wafflehouse. We're thinking it's true love.

The nightcap featured our Maroon clad heroes. Our starting pitcher was truly feast or famine. He missed the strike zone like 20 straight times and then would strike out 10 in a row. It was awesome to watch. What was more awesome to watch was the redhead flashing the crowd. She was a work of art. Her batting average was 36-24-36, or maybe that was her phone number. Bubba Earl decided that America was indeed the best place on the planet cause he said" they don't grow'em like that in those sissy communist countries. BTW, we won the game by a lot cause Rowdy and the Tanner boys played like they meant it. That sounds like a great rock n roll band name come to think about it.

The Sonday night game was one for the ages. The Common Wealthy people took a lead in the first. The Camels didn't let it bother them at all. They came out and whipped the snot out of the rich folks and sent them back to their old Virginia home. I would like to go into more detail but I was sleeping off the weekend in one of the left field lofts. I think it was the one Dak was in on Saturday. Man, when he pulled up we thought the governer, One Term Tater had arrived. He had cops and sheriff deputies all around him. We have to keep him safe so he'll share the benjamins with us and build the "Dak Prescott Big Ass Football Complex on the campus of Mississippi State University. "

On Monday the Dawgs and the Camels will dance. Bubba Earl, The Tupelo Flash and myself will be there. Looking forward to a great game.

Until next time #HAILSTATE

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