It's HATE WEEK and worst part it's HATE WEEK Eve and no posts about Old Piss/TSUN, other than a nice post by Alex as an article. What happened to Meme poking fun at the Bow wearing Lil Black Bears who want to be a part of the Star Wars universe more than anything else? Such as State babies being potty trained using TSUN helmets??? Must be a lack of faith in the Maroon & White universe. In previous years and with worse odds we gave them Hell before the game and then took our lumps like men if it didn't go our way. I still say it's time for a Black Out and wear those black patriotic unis we wore a few years back. Lets give Lane and that Thug of a QB (who thinks he is the second coming) a LOUD, ROWDY, ROCOUS, and UNFORGIVING Thunder from our fan base. Lets make them false start from the THUNDER of our COWBELLS and our YELLs. DAWGS this game is yours to take. It's yours to show the Heart, Pride, and Talent of the program. Bring home the Golden EGG!!! GO TO HELL OLD MISS!!!

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