Besides football, Mississippi State also has a number of club sports. These include aikido, ballroom dance, cricket, fencing, golf, rugby, soccer, table tennis, tactical airsoft, lacrosse and tennis. In addition, the athletic department runs intramural sports programs for students, ranging from ultimate frisbee to racquetball.

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Women's basketball

Those who love basketball and support the Mississippi State Lady Bulldogs have seen a lot of excitement and enthusiasm throughout the offseason. They are looking forward to another season in Starkville, Miss.

The Lady Bulldogs have been a consistent presence in the Southeastern Conference since 1999. They have made 11 NCAA tournament appearances since 1999. The team has won two SEC regular season championships and won the SEC tournament in both years. They also made two NCAA Women's Final Four appearances in 2017 and 2018.

Last season, Mississippi State finished 6-10 in the SEC. This season, they are hoping to return to the top of the NCAA rankings. They will start conference play on December 30 when they host the Florida Gators.

Mississippi State is led by new head coach Sam Purcell. He's a former basketball player who played for the University of Mississippi. His experience will help the Lady Bulldogs in their quest to return to the NCAA championship. The team is currently ranked fourth in the nation in scoring offense.

The Lady Bulldogs have the fourth best defense in the country

They have a smart shot selection, and they swing the ball around for big shots. Their defense has won them championships in the past. They are also known for their fast breaks.

The team has played a small-ball lineup throughout the season. This strategy has allowed the Lady Bulldogs to keep their intensity high throughout breaks and time off. But, the team hasn't had much of an advantage in paint this year.

The team has two players averaging more than a point per game. Chloe Bibbins is averaging a career high seven rebounds per game. She is shooting 38.5% from the three-point arc. Her teammates also understand their roles and understand their teammates' abilities.

The team is also playing with a special defense, and they have been taking 22 balls away from the Florida Gators. This helps counterbalance their points off turnovers.

The Mississippi State women's basketball team will be playing in the SEC Women's Basketball Tournament in early March. They will also play two games in the Puerto Rico Clasico tournament in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Men's football

Founded in 1895, the Mississippi State Bulldogs men's football team has had a lot of success over the years. They have produced a hefty number of NFL players, won two regular season league championships, produced an SEC championship team, and have been to the NCAA tournament a handful of times.

In recent years, the Bulldogs have been the talk of the town, winning over 90 games in the past 30 years. They have also produced a slew of NFL players, including a few first round draft picks.

While the Bulldogs have had a few good years, they've also had a few disappointing ones. Aside from two SEC titles, they've also been eliminated from the playoffs in both of the last two years. They've also finished no higher than the ninth spot in the AP poll. This season, MSU made it to the playoffs in the first place, finishing with a 9-0-1 record. The Bulldogs' most impressive win came in the Orange Bowl, where they defeated Georgetown 14-7.

Club sports

Mississippi State also has a long tradition of producing top-notch men's basketball players. Allyn McKeen, a native of Starkville, is a three-time SEC Player of the Year, and has the best winning percentage in SEC history. In addition, Thompson, a native of Tupelo, has been a two-time SEC Player of the Year, leading the Bulldogs in rebounding all four years. His rebounding average ranks ninth in MSU history.

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