Several Mississippi State football players have been recognized on the Associated Press's all-time list of All-Americans. While many of the players in the program had a tough time making the team, the All-Americans spotted include some notable names.

The AP All-Mississippi team includes players from Mississippi State, Louisiana State, Auburn, and Texas A&M. All three teams will be featured on national television in the coming weeks.

In addition to the AP All-Mississippi, several other SEC players received preseason recognition. Alabama linebacker Will Anderson and defensive back Elias Ricks received preseason mentions, while Georgia defensive lineman Jalen Carter also made the list.

For the fans

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Men's football

The Bulldogs have also produced more first round draft picks than any other program. They've produced a lot of sports fans, with more than a few being alums. The team also has the second largest alumni base in the SEC. As a result, the fan base is among the most passionate in the country. It's not surprising to see the ol' Bulldogs make the list of best fans.

The Bulldogs may not have produced the first team to win a national championship, but they did have some other firsts, including a school record 111 game winning streak. They also produced the first SEC team to make the College Football Playoff. In the process, the team also defied a directive to not participate in the postseason.


The team's first SEC championship came in 1941. In 1998, MSU represented the Western Division in the SEC Championship Game, where they lost to Tennessee 14-24. The Bulldogs also won a divisional title in 1993. They've also been to more SEC bowl games than any other team in the league.

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