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Mississippi State 30 for 30: Top Play No. 24 -- C. J. Sirmones is Still Open

There may not have been a more exciting season to be a Mississippi State fan than 1999. No, it did not lead to the SEC Championship Game, but it did have a bunch of heart stopping finishes. The Egg Bowl, which looked like a win for the Ole Miss Rebels turned quickly when Wayne Madkin found C. J. Sirmones wide open on the 15 yard line.

The 1999 Mississippi State season saw many games come down to the closing minutes with the Bulldogs needing to find a little magic to pull out a victory. The Battle for the Golden Egg proved no different.

Ole Miss held a 20-13 lead with under two minutes to play with Mississippi State facing a third and three. Wayne Madkin got the three yards and a whole lot more when he connected with a wide open C. J. Sirmones on the 15-yard line. Sirmones took the ball and scampered to the end zone to tie the game. Everyone knows what followed.

The best part might be listening to Mike Tirico. Think he was into this game?