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Bench Mobb Anthem now has a music video

The only way to celebrate Maroon Friday is to watch this on repeat

Several weeks ago, sandwiched between winning the Starkville Regional and heading to Charlottesville to take on Virginia in the Super Regional, MSU pitchers Ross Mitchell (Slim Hossy), Evan Mitchell (Eazy E), and Jacob Lindgren (Big Chunk) graced the world with "Bench Mobb Anthem" -- the hottest rap single EVER produced by three pitchers off of an MSU baseball team. Even though none of the three may ever sign with Cash Money Records, the song showed that this team knows how to have fun, and it showed the lighter side of a pitching staff that has boasted a 2.77 ERA this season.

And then today, there's this. I don't know why we didn't see it coming, we HAD to know that an accompanying music video would soon follow that dope fresh fly sick tripping dope (again) single dropping all hot and fresh last week. And came the video did, as we get four and a half minutes of Ross Mitchell in safety glasses, Evan Mitchell representing with the ATL jersey, THE TEAM RIDING IN THE BED OF THE TRUCK THAT IS A SAFETY HAZARD YOU GUYS, and our first public glimpse of Jonathan Holder's "In God's Time" tattoo.

Enjoy, because who knows when we'll get a baseball team like this again that is both immensely talented AND fun.

Hail State

[via Ross Mitchell]