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One of the girls who got on the field last night at the CWS Vine'd it, and it was awesome

The original Vine was deleted, but YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM THE INTERNET, ladies.

Stephen Dunn

So last night definitely wasn't the most fun night for being a State fan, but it wasn't without some laughs and entertainment, provided by three female State [edited, they were just locals] fans. Late in the game, three blondes took to the field, making a mad dash all about TD Ameritrade's playing surface before being corralled by security. There were pictures of their act, pictures of their capture, but the best bit of social media was the fact that one of the girls made a Vine of the offense WHILE IT WAS HAPPENING.

The original Vine was deleted, but because the internet is the internet, it has since turned back up in .GIF form [fist bumps internet]. Here's her sprint across TD Ameritrade's playing surface, and her run in with THE LAW.

On the Field

The security guard's face, for the win.

We also learned last night that this event was apparently planned for the entire game, which makes it that much more awesome. Some people may see it as an embarassment, but whatever, they were just having fun.

Please note, CWS officials, even the girls couldn't make it to the outfield fence [that's funny, because so few home runs, you see]


[h/t Braden Bishop, RickMuscles]