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FWtCT's MMQB: Week 11

The Bulldogs dropped a decision to LSU. Texas A&M pulled off the stunner of the season. Coaches are on their last legs around the conference. SEC fans are screaming and hating the BCS. Yep, just a typical Monday in November in the SEC.

Another Monday, another Mississippi State loss. However, fans have to feel better after the LSU game than they did against the Texas A&M game...right?

The Good: Tyler Russell went 26-for-38 for 295 yards, a touchdown and a pick. Chad Bumphis caught nine passes for 140 yards and a score. Chris Smith caught seven balls for 56 yards. Dak Prescott tossed a score to Marcus Green. All-in-all, the Bulldog passing game made quite a statement, especially when considering they had to play without the real threat of a running game.

The Bad: Mississippi State lost yet again in Baton Rouge. The last time Mississippi State won there was 1991. To put that in perspective, some of the players on the team were not even alive then.

The Ugly: The Bulldogs lost this game on six plays. Derrick Milton's fumble on a pitch from Russell and Russell's 100-yard pick six were tough, but the defensive break down on the four-play drive with under one minute to play in the first half cannot be excused. Darius Slay and Matthew Wells got torched on the drive, and it took what should have been a three-point game to a two possession game. While most say the game was over after the pick-six, it ended on that drive by LSU.


No. 8 South Carolina 38, Arkansas 20: South Carolina has proven they are more than a one trick pony. Even without Marcus Lattimore, the team has been finding ways to win. The Razorbacks probably have lost out on a bowl game opportunity with the loss. With Mississippi State and LSU on the schedule, it will be hard for the Razorbacks to finish 2-0.

No. 6 Florida 27, LA-Lafayette 20: The Gators look like they are going through the motions after losing to Georgia. If not for amazing play for the last 1:30 of the game, Florida would have lost in The Swamp.

Missouri 51, Tennessee 48: In what can only be called a crushing defeat for Derek Dooley's chances to stay at Tennessee, the Tigers picked up win number two of their SEC lives with a huge performance by James Franklin in overtime.

No. 15 Texas A&M 29, No. 1 Alabama 24: In what is this week's "upset of the century," the Aggies jumped all over Alabama early and hung on to win the game. While Manziel has been given tons of credit in this win, the A&M defense had a huge, and maybe bigger, part in the victory as well.

No. 5 Georgia 38, Auburn 0: Auburn is not a very good football team. How lame is it that both the East and the West will be clinched against them this year?

Vanderbilt 27, Ole Miss 26: The Rebels, seeking bowl eligibility, blew a 17-point lead against Vanderbilt, allowing the Commodores to #wintheday. Go ahead Rebels, brag about Aaron Rogers being there and talk it up that Matthew McConaughey came to Oxford. Both came to see you lose, and both left happy.

SEC Awards:

SEC OFFENSIVE PLAYER: Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M: Against the Tide, Manziel went 24-of-31 for 253 yards, two TDs, and no interceptions. He also ran for 92 yards on 18 carries for a little better than five yards a carry. Some people argue Coline Klien deserves the Heisman because he has not lost. Manziel deserves it for leading an upset over Alabama and having his team only 8-points out of the title game. An honorable mention goes to Ryan Swoope.

SEC POWER RANKINGS: Once again, the SEC proves to be tough to sort out. Where does A&M land after beating Alabama? After all, they lost to Florida and LSU, and we all know what kind of game you can play with that. In the end, the Tide still stand on top of the SEC, but I think if the Aggies played the Tigers or Gators now, they win those game.

Florida takes a big tumble because they seem to be lifeless, but credit has to be given to them for coming back and winning. Vanderbilt nearly jumped over Mississippi State, and Tennessee is in freefall now.

1. Alabama (1)

2. Texas A&M (5)

3. Georgia (2)

4. LSU (3)

5. South Carolina (6)

6. Florida (4)

7. Mississippi State (7)

8. Vanderbilt (10)

9. Ole Miss (9)

10. Missouri (12)

11. Arkansas (11)

12. Tennessee (8)

13. Kentucky (14)

14. Auburn (13)


1. This would be the year for a playoff, especially an eight team playoff. If anyone thinks that a one-loss SEC champion does not deserve to be in the title game they are wrong. Also interesting, if Armageddon strikes the last two weeks, with only Alabama and Georgia playing each other out of the top-six ranked SEC teams, could someone like Florida sneak in the title game?

2. It has been a while since there a team proved has hard to figure out as Mississippi State. They dominated inferior competition. The teams they have beaten in the SEC have zero conference wins. They played admirably against Alabama, laid an egg against Texas A&M, and had a chance late against LSU. However, they finished 0-3, but those were top-10 teams. It is hard to tell where Mississippi State truly belongs.

3. The Heisman race will be interesting to watch unfold down the stretch, and it is very likely the best player will not win the award.

4. MSU basketball has a long climb to make, but they might very well have the right group of guys to make it. If they struggle the next two games, the Maui tournament will tell us a lot about the squad.

5. Coaching situations are much more delicate than they are treated by the fans and the press. People forget these guys have wives, kids in schools, etc. Yes, they are compensated well, and they know the risk, but how much would you like someone being completely insensitive and yelling for you to be fired every day? Coaches have to be accountable, but there should always be a level of respect and dignity.