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Findlay Prep C Fallou Ndoye Signs with Mississippi State

After a bit of a delay, the 6'11" Center signed on to play for coach Rick Ray this past week.

Andy Johnson (@CoachAJohnson)

After a bit of a delay due to his mother being located overseas in the Senegal, Findlay Prep (NV) Center Fallou Ndoye has officially signed with Mississippi State basketball and coach Rick Ray. The news was first reported by Paul Jones of Bulldawgs 24/7. It looks like Ndoye actually signed last Wednesday (according to this tweet), but we do know for sure that it was some time last week.

Ndoye becomes the fourth signee of the 2013 class for coach Ray, joining I.J. Ready, Travis Daniels, and Quantel Denson, and is expected to most likely be State's last signee of the early signing period. Fallou will bring immediate size and depth to a thin front court for MSU.

In today's press conference with the media, Coach Ray had this to say about Ndoye:

Fallou was our number one target at that position. It was a long, drawn out recruiting process and it came to fruition and paid off for us. Really ecstatic, because we wanted somebody with a long, athletic body that was a little different than Gavin. We thought Fallou was a guy that could be really active on the offensive glass, can really run the court, but just gives us a guy that's just different than Gavin as far as having a long body, a guy that can transition end to end pretty well. I think he has a wealth of talent. Obviously, he's gotta continue to develop as a basketball player, like all big guys. The number one thing that you have to have is a willingness to work. If you don't have that willingness to work, then you're not gonna get better. Very rarely do you get any college basketball player coming as a big, a center, that's already developed. Those guys are your one and done guys. If you've got a guy that's willing to work, I think Fallou has a willingness to work. I'm really ecstatic about the way that worked out for us, as far as getting Fallou.

That quote is via Bob Carksadon's transcript of today's press conference.

Ndoye is rated at 81 and a 3-star by 24/7 sports.