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What are They Saying Around the SEC?--LINKS

A round up of links about the other 13 SEC schools


Even though the Bulldogs are off this week, play in the SEC continues. Here is what is being said about all of the rest of the teams in the league.


Alabama: A statistical look at the Tide's 2013 season; Alabama fans are already looking ahead to BCSNCG matchups

Arkansas: It looks like fans of the Hogs fear the worst predictions for 2013 may come true; early leaving crowds not just a problem in Starkville.

Auburn: How are Auburn players faring in the NFL? Nick Marshall to start against A&M.

LSU: Ric Flair sells the Ole Miss game, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!; Lunch with Les

Ole Miss: Who has overachieved and who has underwhelmed for Ole Miss?

Texas A&M: How Johnny Manziel does what he does


Florida: Gators not good, but not great yet; Gators to play Michigan in 2017?

Georgia: Where is the Georgia Defense?

Kentucky: SEC Basketball Media Days; 2013 Stats for Kentucky bad is it?

Missouri: Tigers picked fifth in SEC basketball; A look back at beating Georgia

South Carolina: Projecting what happens if Shaw had redshirted

Tennessee: The most exciting matchup against South Carolina may be Tiny Richardson vs. Jadeveon Clowney; Is Bristol bad for business?

Vanderbilt: The SEC Basketball Tournament heads to Nashville--Will it help Vandy?; How has Vandy done replacing Zac Stacy