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What are They Saying around the SEC?

Wondering what is going on around the rest of the SEC? Here are some links to current stories brewing with SEC brethren

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As the midway point of the season approaches, every SEC fan has to feel a little excited, disappointed, or maybe even a little of both about the performance of their team. Here is a look around at the stories surrounding each team in the SEC this week.


Did DeAndrew White's amazing touchdown surprise you? Well, it did not surprise Nick Saban.

Nothing special, Alabama just took care of business against Georgia State.

Could confidence be an issue for the Hogs going forward in the 2013 season?

What can Arkansas take away from their loss to Florida?

Auburn got it done against Ole Miss because of the offensive and defensive lines.

Of to a great start, the Tigers have a chance to keep momentum going the rest of the way.

Tyler Murphy is winning over teammates in Gainesville with cool in the pocket.

Looking back at classic games vs. LSU with the Tigers on tap this weekend.

Is Mark Richt playing poker with Todd Gurley's injury?

Georgia has been strong in theface of injury.

The Wildcats are improving, but they still fall short of being successful.

The Alabama game will mark the first time Kentucky has played four ranked teams in a row.

Odell Beckham Jr. is in the midst of a potentially record setting year for the Tigers.

The second half of the Mississippi State game has boosted the confidence of the LSU defense.

A look at the Missouri depth chart reveals few changes for week six.

Can Missouri make noise in the race for the SEC East?

Ole Miss

How do Ole Miss fans feel about their team after back to back losses against Alabama and Auburn?

The Rebels feel they must contain Johnny Manziel.

South Carolina
Jadeveon Clowney sitting might be what's best for his (NFL) business.

While the Gamecocks have struggled on defense, the offense has put up historic numbers.

Tennessee answered the bell against Georgia before falling. Can they keep it up?

Texas A&M
The Aggies need to get their defense settled.

They may not be Big 12 foes anymore, but A&M still does not like Texas.

Vandy looks to use bye week to recruit and regroup.

Vandy is getting better, even if it is painful at times.

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